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Royal Canin Development for Puppies & Kittens From Your Winnipeg Veterinarian

Proper nutrition is critical for your growing puppy or kitten! At Best Friends Animal Hospital your Winnipeg veterinarian will help you pick the most nutritious foods for your young pets. Knowing the difference between adult pet food and puppy and kitten pet food will help you keep your young pet healthy. We also offer an excellent selection of Royal Canin Development for puppies and kittens. If you're not sure where to get healthy foods for your pet, come to us! We'll gladly supply you with some of the most nutrient rich foods on the market, so your young pet can grow up strong.

puppy and kitten eating out of food bowls from their WInnipeg veterinarian

What Puppies and Kittens Eat

Puppies and kittens spend their energy learning, growing, exploring. As a result, they need extra energy to keep up with their growing bodies and developing brains. Young pets require a diet that is rich in proteins and nutrients.

Since they have smaller stomachs than adult pets, every meal your puppy or kitten eats must be dense in proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. That's why Best Friends Animal Hospital recommends that your puppy or kitten eat food that has been formulated specifically for young, growing animals.

Royal Canin Puppy and Kitten Food

Royal Canin is a company founded by a veterinarian. The Royal Canin Development line of foods are designed to ensure that your puppy or kitten gets exactly the right amount of nutrition for his or her needs.

The Royal Canin company worked with professionals of all types, from pet nutritionists, to veterinarians and breeders, to develop a healthy product loaded with everything your young pet needs to thrive. The Royal Canin Development line features products that help maintain your young pet's digestive health, offers 100% balanced nutrition and supports a healthy immune system for your pet.

Royal Canin foods are divided into categories, with some foods formulated for large pets and others formulated for small pets. Every bag comes with a recommended feeding portion that is broken down by weight, so you'll be able to pick the right portions for your puppy or kitten. Starting your pet off with a healthy diet of proper portions will help your pet maintain a healthy weight from an early age, and may help your pet avoid chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes later in life.

At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we offer Royal Canin dry kitten and puppy food as well as canned foods. You'll have your pick of exactly the right type of food for your pet's needs!

Contact Us for Puppy and Kitten Nutrition Advice

At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we offer nutritional counseling for pets. During our counseling sessions, we'll teach you how to feed your pet the healthiest foods and snacks. Contact your Winnipeg veterinarian today to make an appointment or purchase a supply of Royal Canin foods!