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Adaptil Calming Product for Dogs in Winnipeg

Humans and pets share some personality traits and behaviours, and anxiety is a common issue for many. Adaptil is a product for dogs that addresses the "nervous dog" problem. It is a calming spray for dogs offered at our Winnipeg animal hospital. Our veterinarians in Winnipeg have seen the synthetic pheromone product work wonders for many of our dog patients. Adaptil works in a similar manner to Feliway, which is an effective pheromone spray that soothes anxiety in cats, made by the same company.Adaptil calming product in Winnipeg

Adaptil Advantages: When to Use 

Our veterinarians in Winnipeg stock Adaptil for nervous dogs. The product helps to calm dog stress and decrease their nervous, unruly, "acting out" behaviour. It helps your dog successfully cope with new, anxiety-producing situations. Adaptil is available in numerous formats, including spray, wipes or an automatic room diffuser.

Use Adaptil to calm dogs in instances like:

  • Travel nervousness
  • Thunderstorm fright
  • Settling into a new house or new environment
  • Socialization or adjusting to a new companion pet in the home
  • Adjusting to a new baby
  • Going to the vet
  • Separation, time alone
  • Weaning
  • Fear of noises
  • Kennel time
  • And more

Adaptil Science: How Canine Pheromones Work

The calming liquid is made of a synthetic "Canine Appeasement Pheromone." Adaptil contains copies of hormones that are emitted by female dogs when lactating; to make the new litter of nursing puppies feel safe. These scent signals are part of a group of chemicals secreted by dogs as a form of communication, like territory marking, intended to affect the behaviour of others in the same (or other nearby) species.

About Ectohormones: Airborne Chemical Messages

These chemicals are known as ectohormones, rather than the more-familiar term hormones, because they act primarily on other individuals. These natural pheromones are secreted from the paws, nose, face/mouth, tail, nipples, genital area and more. Pheromones are picked up, sensed or "smelled" by the VNO organ (vomeronasal organ or Jacobson's organ) in the roof of the mouth of nearby animals, causing an emotional, instinctive reaction of security and comfort. Animals may open their mouths slightly and breathe in, to detect pheromones.

Pet Pheromone Examples

Examples include instances when animals signal to each other than they are in heat (receptive to mating activity) by releasing pheromones. Mother dogs release pheromones to calm pups, or for territorial marking, as mentioned above. Animals also excrete these chemical ectohormones to create a sense of belonging, for instance, when your dog or cat rubs up against your legs, gently head-butts you or brushes the side of his mouth or cheek against you. This is a sign of affection and comfort--that family feeling--from your pet to you, using natural pheromones. 

Calm Your Pet with Adaptil from Best Friends Animal Hospital!

Dog-calming Adaptil spray can prevent or decrease stress in dogs--and, of course, a calm dog also keeps your stress level down! At Best Friends Animal Hospital, your dedicated veterinarians in Winnipeg, we are here to help you care for anxious pets or pets with behavioural problems. We provide complete pet care, from preventative care and dental care to pet behaviour counseling to advanced pet surgery and more. For expert veterinary care in Winnipeg, call us at 204-809-9072.