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Flexadin for Joint Health in Winnipeg

Female in Winnipeg playing with a dog that is jumping Just like humans, pets also experience joint issues, especially as they age. Therefore, from the time your pet is young, you need to pay attention to their joint health. Fortunately, a veterinarian in Winnipeg from the Best Friends Animal Hospital can tend to your pet's joint health to reduce the chances of suffering joint issues in old age.

Regular Checkups

You can take your beloved pet to the Best Friends Animal Hospital in Winnipeg for regular checkups. During the checkup, our veterinarians will take a look at the joints of your pet. Not only will our veterinarian look for existing joint issues, but they will also look for signs of joint issues that may develop in the future. It is vital that you take your pet to regular checkups at Best Friends Animal Hospital because regular examinations will ensure that joint issues are detected early on. The veterinarian will create a treatment plan to deal with the joint issue before it develops into an even larger issue.

After the examination, even if your pet has no current joint issues, your veterinarian will give you advice and recommendations that will help you maintain your beloved pet's joint health. For example, your veterinarian may recommend that your pet take supplements like Flexadin for joint health.

Pet Supplements

If you want to reduce the chances of your pet suffering from joint issues later down the road, you should administer pet supplements on a regular basis. One example of a good pet supplement for joint issues is Flexadin. You will be able to obtain Flexadin and other pet supplements from your Best Friends Animal Hospital veterinarian in Winnipeg.

Flexadin comes in the form of a small tablet, which is chewable. This pet supplement works by providing your pet with essential nutrients that will help maintain the health of their joints. When you start giving your pet this supplement, you will need to follow an initial administration period for about one month. After the initial administration period, you will only have to give your pet maintenance doses. If you have a large dog, one tablet daily is enough to maintain the positive effects of Flexadin. Since Flexadin is not a prescription medication, you can give your pet other supplements and medications without worrying about any side effects or interactions.

Why Best Friends Animal Hospital?

Ever since 2003, our veterinarians at Best Friends Animal Hospital have been dedicated to keeping the pets of Winnipeg healthy and strong. Our veterinarians have more than four decades of combined experience treating animals. Not only are we constantly updating our technology, but we are also always on the lookout to expand our knowledge. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, you can be sure your pet will receive the quality and compassionate care that he or she deserves. There are many reasons why you should take your beloved pet to Best Friends Animal Hospital, especially if you are concerned about his or her joint health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experience veterinarian and staff.