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Do common situations make anxious, shy or fearful dog more stressed? A trip to the groomers? In-home nail trims? Dog-dog interaction?

The Calming Cap is a wonderful tool for easing your dog’s anxiety in these high-stress situations. The Calming Cap reduces visual stimuli and helps your dog to remain comfortable, overcome his fearfulness and increase his confidence. The single-panel sheer fabric window DOES NOT blind you dog, but simply filters his view. Try it for yourself – you’ll see that while your vision is somewhat limited, you’re still able to comfortably and assuredly make out shapes.

Uses For The Calming Cap:

  1. Dogs that bark explosively when visually stimulated (ex. traveling in vehicles) are excellent candidates for the Cap. The fabric window filters the dog’s vision, without completely eliminating it. Most dogs learn to settle down and go to sleep while wearing the Cap on car trips.
  2. Fearful dogs benefit from wearing the Calming Cap in uncomfortable situations, such as the vet’s office or on the groomer’s table. Those vaccines and nail clippers will be less visible and therefore less scary!
  3. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety can benefit from wearing the Cap in the presence of his owner. In conjunction with a behaviour modification program, wearing the Calming Cap allows the dog to get accustomed to a diminished view of his owner while still sensing that the owner is present.
  4. Under the supervision of a qualified behaviourist, and as part of a comprehensive behaviour modification program, the Calming Cap can be a very effective tool in working with aggression problems. 

These are just a few examples for the many uses of the Calming Cap. The Cap has also been used to ease dog-dog & dog-people introductions, in desensitizing dogs to various stimuli, and in aiding nap/quiet time.

Best Friends now carries the Premier Calming Cap! If you would like to purchase a Calming Cap for your pet give us a call and we will order an appropriate size for you!

Best Friends also uses the Calming Cap in hospital for anxious or stressed pets and have had excellent success with most of our patients.

The Calming Cap doesn’t just relieve you pet’s stress but your as well!