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At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we strive to provide complete care for your best friends. That is why we do our best to offer a variety of proven, high quality products for your pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, bird, or reptile, we have the wellness products you need to care for your pets. Read on for more information about our stock of animal products.

Pet Food, Treats, and Nutrition Supplements

We offer the following pet supplements:  

  • Totally Ferret - This ferret food offers a complete, balanced ferret food that promotes health, development, muscle, and strong bones. 
  • Juvita Pet Supplements - We are excited to offer Juvita Pet Supplements, a pharmaceutical-grade line up premium veterinary supplements. Juvita offers digestive health, joint health, skin and coat health, and general health animal wellness supplements. 
  • Flexadin for Joint Health - As pets age, they can experience joint health problems. Flexadin, which comes in chewable tablet form, can ease joint inflammation and discomfort. Since this is not prescription, you can give Flexadin along with other medications. 
  • Zylkene  - Developed by Vetoquinol, Zylkene is a pet anxiety product. If you’re best friend is anxious when left alone, when meeting other pets, or in new situations, this anxiety product can help. 

Pet Wellness Accessories

For your convenience, we offer the following animal accessories:

  • Pet Odor Exterminator Candle, Spray & Diffusers - Eliminate animal odors in your home with this line of candles, sprays, and diffusers. The soy and paraffin blend wax candles actually contain enzymes that remove your pet's odor - not simply mask it. We stock seasonal scents, so please do call to see if we have your favorite blend! 
  • StrixNB Oral Care Water Additive - Dental care is a breeze when you use this product, which actually strips plaque and tartar as your pet drinks treated water. 
  • Kong Cloud Collar - This new alternative to the Elizabethan collar safely protects your pet during injury or surgical recovery and does not restrict their peripheral vision. Your pet will be more comfortable with this collar. 
  • Feliway - A Feliway diffuser or spray will soothe your stressed, temperamental cat, making pet and owner happier. Feliway can help cats respond to temporary environmental changes or reassure cats with behavioral problems. 
  • ADAPTIL - This pheremone diffuser helps keep stressed, anxious or excitable dogs relaxed and friendly. Plug into a room where your dog spends the most time.
  • Premier Calming Cap - If your dog becomes stressed in common situations, such as visits to our vet or groomer, this Calming Cap can help. By filtering your dog's vision, the Calming Cap can soothe fearful or excitable dogs. 


Can we help you with purchasing a product, or with any other pet care need? Contact our veterinarian in Winnipeg at 204-269-4451 to reserve and pay for a product or to schedule a pet wellness appointment.