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Soft Tissue Surgery With Your Winnipeg Veterinarian

Discover what types of soft tissue surgery is available at your veterinarian in Winnipeg at the Best Friends Animal Hospital. We use soft tissue pet surgery to treat a variety of conditions, all of which involve the soft tissue rather than the bone. Learn more about how we use soft tissue surgery for pets to see if this solution is applicable to your pet’s health and wellness.

Indicators of Soft Tissue Concerns

If your pet has certain signs and symptoms this may indicate they are dealing with soft tissue issues. For example, if your dog has abnormal lumps along their stomach this is a sign that something is wrong with their soft tissue, which could require surgery. Other indicators that something is going on with your pet’s soft tissue include weight loss, difficulty urinating, vomiting, or shaking of their head as a sign of ear pain. If you feel like your pet is suffering from soft tissue concerns give your veterinarian in Winnipeg a call to schedule a veterinary appointment. 

Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures With Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Soft tissue surgery can include a variety of procedures ranging from routine elective surgery, i.e. spay or neuter, to intra-abdominal procedures. For example, we also use soft tissue surgery for treating problems with the eyes of pets. For example, if your pet needs a corneal surgery the best route to take is a soft tissue procedure. This type of surgery is also beneficial for pets that suffer from ear infections frequently, as it allows us to get to the bottom of the issue for a permanent fix.

Soft Tissue Surgery in Winnipeg

Here at the Best Friends Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Winnipeg, we offer a comprehensive selection of soft tissue surgeries for pets. Typically we see pets who have masses or lumps that could be signs of cancer or tumors. Fortunately we find that most of these masses are not harmful. When conducting soft tissue procedures we strive to be as minimally invasive as possible. This ensures that your pet can have a quick and painless recovery process.

Choosing the Best Friends Animal Hospital in Winnipeg

We are thankful that you are considering the Best Friends Animal Hospital as your provider of veterinarian services. If you have additional questions or specific requests about soft tissue surgery we are here to answer your questions. Give us a call at our office today to find out more about pet surgeries including soft tissue surgery. We are also available for pet surgery via appointment by contacting the Best Friends Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Winnipeg. We look forward to working with you in order to provide your pet with the best treatment and outcome post-surgery.