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Pet Orthopedic Surgery from Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Pets that have sustained musculoskeletal injuries or are suffering from arthritis may benefit from orthopedic surgery. While orthopedic surgery can help relieve arthritis pain and bring a fuller range of mobility back to your pet’s body, it is important to understand that this surgery is a major operation. Due to lengthy recovery times and physical rehabilitation, not all pets are good candidates for this procedure. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are committed to providing the very best care for your pet. If your pet is a good candidate for an orthopedic procedure, we will do everything possible to make this surgery as safe and easy as possible.

Pet Orthopedic Surgery: Patella Repair, Fracture Repair & TTA


If your pet is suffering from pain due to a problem with the knee, hip or other joints, orthopedic surgery may be able to restore mobility and relieve some or all of this pain. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, our orthopedic surgery procedures include patella repair, fracture repair and TTA. While we do not offer TPLO surgery at our veterinary hospital, we do refer pet owners to a local board certified veterinary surgeon who has substantial experience with this complex procedure. Our highly qualified veterinary team strives to provide the best possible care for your pet, whether that is at our animal hospital or through a local specialist.

Prior to orthopedic surgery, our veterinarian will walk you through each step in the process so you know exactly what to expect. Our veterinary team will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic exam prior to the surgery in order to determine that your pet is a good candidate for the specific procedure. Next, we will conduct diagnostic blood work to ensure there are no underlying health conditions that could compromise the safe administration of anesthesia. Once we have confirmed your pet is in good health for the surgery, we will schedule the procedure. Unless it is an emergency, we typically schedule all orthopedic surgery in the morning. This way your pet can be kept under observation during the afternoon before being released. In some cases, we may need to keep your pet overnight; you will be notified in advance should overnight observation be required.

Prior to orthopedic surgery, we request you restrict your pet’s food 12 hours in advance. This typically means a light meal the night before and no food in the morning. While pets may be ready to return home the evening after surgery, keep in mind that the recovery process can be lengthy. Pets will need to return for physical therapy and regular check-ups to monitor their recovery and the healing process. All pets will be sent home with detailed treatment checklists and information on how you can best support your pet’s recovery. This includes pain medication to safely manage your pet’s pain.

For more information on pet orthopedic surgery or to schedule a diagnostic exam for your pet, contact our veterinarian in Winnipeg today.