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Surgical Services

When you bring a pet to our veterinarian in Winnipeg, you expect certain services and treatment options. Although an animal hospital offers specific services, surgical procedures raise concerns about the health of your pets. By understanding pet surgery and the way it improves the health of your dog or cat, you can feel confident in working with a veterinary professional.

female veterinarian using stethoscope on a dog in Winnipeg

Common Surgical Services in Winnipeg

The common surgical procedures we offer for a dog or cat depend on the needs of the pet. Generally, a pet owner can request a veterinarian in Winnipeg to spay or neuter a pet to avoid the risk of any puppies or kittens. It also prevents certain health concerns associated with a pet's pregnancy or the birth of kittens or puppies.

Other surgical procedures we offer for pets include:

  • Dental surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Soft-tissue surgery

Recommendations for surgical procedures depend on the needs of your pet. For example, we may recommend pet surgery if we discover cancerous tumors and feel that an appropriate treatment strategy is the removal of the tumor. Surgical procedures are usually the last solution we recommend for most health concerns, but we offer treatment options when necessary for the health and wellbeing of your pets.

Considerations for Your Pet’s Health

Since surgical procedures address specific health concerns, the considerations for your pet's health and well-being depend on the type of surgery we suggest. Generally, you want to consider the possible complications of the procedure and weigh those potential problems with the current health concern. Certain procedures, like spaying and neutering a pet, have limited risks due to the common treatments available. The risks to a pet's health and the happiness of the family when avoiding the procedure raise concerns about the future.

Other procedures, like the removal of certain tissues to remove cancer cells, have obvious health risks. Allowing a tumor to grow eventually results in the death or suffering of a pet. As the owner of a dog or cat, you must make decisions on the animal's behalf when considering a specific procedure. Discuss any concerns about a pet's health with a veterinarian when deciding on a specific procedure so you understand the risks of the treatment as well as the risks of avoiding the treatment.

Recovering From Surgery With the Help of Our Winnipeg Veterinarians

Recovering from a surgical procedure requires appropriate care and rest. Focus on ensuring your pets avoid physical activities until a veterinarian determines that it is safe for your pet to engage in exercise. Follow any recommendations for rest, diet and hygiene immediately after a procedure to prevent infections and allow your pet to heal. The duration of recovery time depends on the procedure.

Surgical procedures allow a pet to maintain good health, but only when necessary for the specific situation. By working with our Winnipeg veterinarian, you address health concerns early and keep your pets healthy for as long as possible. To learn more about the procedures we offer for your pets or to set up an appointment, call or contact us today at 204-269-4451!