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Behavioural Counseling

Loving your pet doesn’t mean loving all pet behaviours. At Best Friends Animal Hospital in Winnipeg we offer behavioural counseling for dogs and cats. Destructive, aggressive, agitated and harmful behaviours can come from many different factors. As your veterinarian, we want to help heal the rift that frustrating behaviour may be causing between you and your pet.

What You Can Expect from Behavioural Counseling

First, we will take the time to get to know you and your pet. We will want to ask you many questions to understand what you are dealing with and what your goals are in the steps towards behavioural counseling. Whether you are dealing with inappropriate elimination, uncontrollable barking or something much different, we encourage you to talk to us about the problems you are facing with your pet. As we work to understand why your pet may be exhibiting certain behaviours, we will be able to form clearer picture of how the behaviours can be curbed and stopped. We want to help you get the results you are looking for.

Our plan will include working with you to help you find safe and effective ways to end the negative behaviour. We may use positive reinforcement methods, behavioural modification techniques, or a combination of both. With our full support, you will be able to start helping your pet develop into a behaved member of the family once more.

Behaviour Help before Relinquishing Your Pet

We know many pet owners come to the end of their ropes and give up their pets each year because they don’t believe they can handle the poor behaviour any longer. We want our pet owners to know there are solutions and we hope you will give your pet a good chance to succeed before considering handing him or her over to a shelter. We know poor behaviour is frustrating, but we are more than happy to help and we’ve seen some really amazing things happen when pet owners learn new techniques. As you understand your pet more, you will be able to help eliminate these behaviours and keep them from ever coming back.

If you are thinking about giving your pet up for adoption because of aggressive, excited, uncontrollable behaviour, please consider joining our behavioural counseling program first. We know it will really make a difference for both you and your pet.

Behavioural Counseling for Pets of All Ages

While puppies are often the biggest culprits, pets of all breeds and ages can exhibit bad behaviour. Animals are often adopted young, when they are extremely cute and easy to care for. However, as they age, they get bigger and their needs seem more annoying. We certainly help owners work with their maturing pets to help bring them into full adulthood, where they typically settle down naturally into wonderful companions.

However, sometimes older and mature pets begin to display destructive or problematic behaviour. Our classes will also help pet owners of older pets diagnose and solve the problems that arise and cause friction.

If you are struggling with a disobedient or difficult pet, call us today!