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Senior Pet Care in Winnipeg

senior pet care WinnipegJust as older people have different healthcare needs than younger people, senior dogs require different care than required by young dogs. If you want your dog to live a long life, it is important that you have him or her see a veterinarian on a regular basis. Have your dog see a veterinarian in Winnipeg to ensure he or she receives proper care. 

Frequent Checkups

If your dog appears to be healthy, you should still have him or her see a veterinarian at least twice a year for a wellness exam. While your dog may appear healthy, some diseases are difficult to detect at first. While you may not want to spend money on regular checkups, you should keep in mind that it is always less expensive to prevent a disease than it is to treat a disease. With each visit to a veterinarian, your dog should have a body condition evaluation. This will tell you whether your dog is at an ideal weight. Obesity is a very common problem among senior dogs. Dogs that are overweight or obese are more likely to get cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Pain Management for Senior Pets in Winnipeg

As a pet owner, the last thing you want is for your beloved pet to be in pain. Here at the Best Friends Animal Hospital, we understand this very well. Therefore, we offer medications in order to help manage the pain of your senior pet. These medications can be given to your pet before surgery or after surgery. Your senior pet will also receive these medications in the event of major, painful trauma.

In senior dogs, arthritis is an incredibly common health issue. Therefore, unfortunately, there is a huge chance that your senior dog will get arthritis in his or her life time. Arthritis is incredibly painful for dogs, as it is for humans. Fortunately, we offer medications that can relieve the intense pain associated with arthritis in senior dogs.

Common Symptoms and Conditions

There are many diseases that senior dogs are susceptible to. Some of these diseases include gum disease, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Here are a few symptoms you should not ignore in senior dogs.

If your dog no longer wants to play or exercise, you may want to have him or her see a veterinarian. Lethargy is a side effect of aging, but it may also be a sign of disease. Dogs have evolved to hide their pain, so lethargy, stiffness, or bunny hopping may be a sign of intense pain from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Lethargy may also be a sign of heart failure in senior dogs.

Your dog may have Addison's disease if he or she has vomiting or diarrhea that won't stop. These two symptoms may also signify that your dog has intestinal worms, hypothyroidism, or kidney disease.

Just as humans can get cataracts, so can dogs. If your dog's pupils are beginning to cloud, this is likely a sign that your dog is developing cataracts. Your dog should receive treatment right away to prevent blindness.

For more information about senior pet care or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 204-269-4451!