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Best Friends Animal Hospital: Ultrasounds

Our trusted veterinarians Dr. Tait & Dr. Sra at Best Friends Animal Hospital offers many services for all-sized animals. Ultrasound procedures use common and safe technology for many exploratory purposes. It's a non-invasive tool that helps us to figure out exactly what's wrong with your dog, cat, or gerbil without having to resort to surgical means. Our ultrasound technicians are prepared to help diagnose any issues so that more invasive procedures don't have to be used, which is always better.

Happy dog being happyThe most trusted veterinarian in Winnipeg, Best Friends Animal Hospital uses sophisticated ultrasound technology for pet health diagnostics and internal medicine for your dog, cat or small animal.

There are many reasons your dog, cat, or smaller animal could need an ultrasound from a veterinarian in Winnipeg. Very specific symptoms will call for us to order an ultrasound for your animal. Perhaps the most obvious reason is if your pet is pregnant, just like in humans. We want to make sure the pregnancy is viable and going smoothly, but few know that ultrasound technology can be used to help your pet in so many more ways than just pregnancy. It is often a useful alternative to surgery, allowing the doctor to see clearly any obstructions or damage of the vital organ functions. Below are many other symptoms that we may order an ultrasound for.

  • If we do blood work on your dog or cat and it comes back abnormal.

  • If your dog or cat is experiencing excessive vomiting and diarrhea.

  • If your pet is losing a lot of weight but eating the same amount of food.

  • If your animal is experiencing frequent unexplainable infections.

  • Urinary problems.

  • Specialized care for geriatric animals for optimal internal health diagnostics.

  • If your pet has cancer.

  • If your dog or cat has fluid in their abdomen and chest.

  • We use ultrasounds before surgery to get a more accurate picture of the area in question.

  • An ultrasound procedure can be used in place of a biopsy in some cases.

How is an ultrasound used on my dog or cat for proper pet health diagnostics and internal medicine?

First it is important to understand how ultrasound technology works. It is really quite incredible. High pitched sound waves, much too high for the human ear to perceive, radiate from the device. Don't worry. It's quite safe. Once these sound waves meet soft tissue, they bounce back to send a slice of the area being explored. This sends a clear image to the technician, easily revealing to them any obstructions, or damage; to be sure everything is intact and moving properly.

Here at Best Friends Animal Hospital we take pride in our health diagnostic skills and internal medicine techniques such as ultrasound technology, but so much more. For anything your pet may be facing, we are here to help. We are fully staffed an equipped for all ultrasound needs, but we are also equipped to handle anything: trauma, long term care, or quick fixes.