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Because animals can't talk, we have to use all the tools at our disposal to diagnose and treat their illnesses. One of the best tools is digital radiography; it allows us an "inner view" of your pet's body and helps us see any abnormalities or conditions that are cause for concern.

Make no mistake: Just because animals don't use words doesn't mean they can't communicate with us! Behavioral clues, physical appearance, even reactions to touch or movement give us an idea of what is bothering an animal. Simple observation can speak volumes. But, sometimes, to accurately assess a medical situation, and to effectively initiate treatment, our veterinarian in Winnipeg must use a variety of other means that can include laboratory tests, stool samples, and X-Rays.

What an X-Ray Tells Us

X-rays capture a view that we cannot see from outside. The procedure is safe, fast and painless. However, because animals tend not to be totally still (a requirement to get a good picture) we must occasionally sedate an animal using a fast-acting, short-term anesthetic. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us an immediate view of the animal's organs, bones and systems. We use this visual information to confirm suspected broken bones, tumors or internal abnormalities. Alone, or in conjunction with non-invasive ultrasound procedures, we have the ability to gain a broad idea of your pet's internal health, including cardiovascular and pulmonary function, musculoskeletal structure, reproductive systems and urinary tract.

The digital pictures of your pet's body help us prescribe appropriate treatment, and can guide us should surgery be needed. Radiology can also be used to rule out possible problems, and to monitor progress of healing. The resulting stress on the animal is minimal.

There is no need to fear X-Ray procedures. The radiation dose is extremely low, and digital technology offers immediate feedback. No waiting is required for film development, and assessment by a trained radiologist is quickly accomplished.

Comprehensive Services

If you are concerned about gastrointestinal or respiratory problems, or if your pet exhibits unexplained distress, it is wise for us to "have that inside view." In some cases, a pet's future well-being is assured by prompt action, and appropriate therapy hinges on accurate diagnosis.

When you entrust the health of your family pet to our caregivers, we will use all means at our disposal to provide the best care possible. Some breeds are prone to inherited diseases, including hip dysplasia or spinal anomalies, and baseline pictures may help determine genetic abnormalities. X-Rays can also be valuable in determining the ongoing needs of geriatric pets. In emergency situations, X-Rays allow us to quickly assess the severity of an injury.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about digital X-rays, other diagnostic techniques, and our full range of veterinary services. We want to be Your Best Friend for the continuing health and well-being of your best friend. Won't you contact us to set an appointment today?