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In-House Lab Work

Compassionate care backed by modern technology defines our clinic. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, our name characterizes the way we treat you and your pets. Whether you bring your animal to us for a routine exam or for urgent care, our professional staff will employ every technique and modern resource available to assure the highest level of treatment and therapy.

Modern Lab Facilities

In addition to our experienced and compassionate staff, we have a full on-site laboratory, just one of the many comprehensive tools that allow us to make a timely and accurate diagnosis when your pet is ill or injured. We have the ability to take blood and urine samples and analyze them quickly; we utilize X-rays, examine tissues, and perform other imaging tests and interpret the results right here.

Trained technicians work closely with our Veterinarians to offer you the first-class service that you expect. As proud as we are of our state-of-the-art laboratory, it is only one facet of our comprehensive care philosophy. There is no substitute for the expertise of our trained staff. Lab results and modern technology supplement and complement our hands-on evaluations. With available testing protocols, we can narrow possible reasons for animal distress, confirm our suspicions about the causes of pain, and see what is going on with a pet's internal organs, bones and body chemistry so we can begin treatment much faster. We also have the ability to examine cultures and to monitor effectiveness of treatment through ongoing lab work.

As beneficial as it is, the laboratory represents only one facet of our practice. Well-animal examinations and preventive care form the basis of our treatment "prescription."

Additional services we offer include:

  • Puppy and Kitten exams; initial vaccinations and booster shots
  • Full care for other small animals, including exotic pets
  • Nutritional counseling for all stages of life
  • Dental services
  • Pain Management and treatment for chronic conditions
  • Laser Therapy
  • Behavioral Consultation
  • Permanent Identification: Tattoo or microchip
  • Pet surgery, including spay and neuter procedures
  • Pet Memorials to help honor a beloved pet

We also offer a retail shop to meet your needs for a variety of pet supplies such as odor treatments and calming caps as well as food and supplements for your pets, including bird feed and specialized mixes for ferrets.

Because we consider your cherished pets members of our own family as well, we are dedicated to their total well-being. From first visit to end-of-life care, our staff wants to get to know you as well as your companion pet. We will be delighted to schedule an initial consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, we offer pet-sitting services. We are pleased to provide safe and comfortable, short-term boarding services at our facility. Leave your pet with us as you shop or run errands, knowing that we'll keep a professional eye on the animal during your absence!

What else can we help you with? All you have to do is call!