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Complete Medical Assessments from Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

When your beloved pet is showing telltale signs of a possible health problem, you need to make sure he gets the right care from an experienced Winnipeg vet. But medical conditions are not always possible to diagnose at a glance -- and a problem in one part of the body may be creating a chain of negative consequences in other physical systems as well. That's why we offer complete medical assessments here at Best Friends Animal Hospital. Your veterinarians in Winnipeg (Dr. Sra, Dr. Tait or Dr. Drain) can perform all the necessary tests and evaluations to pinpoint the problem so the appropriate treatment can be administered.

Your Pet’s Medical Assessment – What to Expect

What goes into a complete medical assessment? On the surface, this type of exam is quite similar to the regular preventative wellness evaluations every pet should receive. The main difference is the intent; instead of simply checking all of your pet's various systems to make sure all is well, we're searching for the cause of an apparent health complaint.

Complicating this search is the fact that symptoms may have multiple causes -- a skin rash, for example, might be attributable to anything from flea bites to food allergies. So there's no better way to get the bottom of the problem than by inspecting your pet as thoroughly as possible. Typical procedures performed by our Winnipeg veterinarians include:

  • External inspection - We check the skin, fur, eyes, ears and nose for any symptoms that might point toward specific diseases or disorders.

  • Vital signs - We check your pet's heart and pulse rates, blood pressure and respiration for any obvious signs of cardiovascular or pulmonary concerns. 

  • Laboratory testing - Testing of blood or urine samples can give us valuable insights into your pet's kidney, liver and pancreatic function, alerting us to any signs of organ failure or chronic systemic ailments such as diabetes or hypertension. This form of testing also allows us to study your pet's endocrine (glandular) function. Abnormalities in hormone levels may indicate thyroid disease, an adrenal tumor or some other problems that requires treatment.

  • Diagnostic imaging - Gastrointestinal problems, abdominal pain or respiratory difficulty may require a closer look in the form of diagnostic imaging. X-rays enable your veterinarian in Winnipeg to see bones (and swallowed foreign objects) with great clarity, as well as the outlines of organs and soft tissues. If we suspect a soft tissue disease, we may also use ultrasound imaging, which can display these tissues in even more detail. It can even reveal whether your pet's "illness" is in fact a pregnancy!

Schedule a Comprehensive Pet Exam with a Winnipeg Veterinarian

A complete medical assessment at Best Friends Animal Hospital could be one of the most important steps you ever take to ensure your friend's well-being. We treat a wide variety of patients so call 204-269-4451 to schedule an exam with our Winnipeg veterinary team!