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Wellness Exams at Best Friends Animal Hospital

If you had a choice between treating your pet for a terrible illness or taking extra steps to prevent that illness from occurring, you would choose the first option as the more sensible one for both you and your beloved friend. Fortunately, you get to make that choice by scheduling regular wellness care, including yearly or twice-yearly wellness examinations. Our team at Best Friends Animal Hospital is happy to perform these simple yet comprehensive examinations as a primary safeguard against diseases and disorders.wellness exams from your winnipeg veterinarians

The Value of Preventative Pet Care

It's tempting and reassuring to assume that because looks and acts healthy, he must be healthy. But this assumption can lead to misery, both for your pet and for your pocketbook. Many ailments, including organ failure, hypertension, and cancer, may show no obvious symptoms for quite some time -- and by the time you notice a problem, the disease may have advanced to a dangerous stage that requires extensive treatment. Periodic wellness examinations at our vet hospital can help you and your furry friend avoid such dark scenarios. Our veterinarians in Winnipeg can detect a wide range of illnesses in their earliest stages, even when your pet appears perfectly healthy to you. This early detection allows us to implement immediate treatment that may nip the problem in the bud, instead of letting it bloom into a full-scale catastrophe.

A Typical Cat or Dog Wellness Exam

An adult cat or dog should usually receive one wellness exam per year. For senior pets, we recommend two yearly wellness exams. Senior pets often develop kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease and heart disease. Early detection allows us to manage these diseases effectively and increase the quality and length of your pet's life.

A typical wellness exam generally includes:

  • A complete nose-to-tail physical examination of the skin, coat, eyes, ears etc.
  • Checking of vital signs such as heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure and pulse
  • Laboratory tests of blood and urine samples to look for signs of cancer, infection or systemic ailments
  • Fecal testing to check for parasites such as worms
  • Weighing your pet to determine whether he is at risk for obesity
  • Dental checkup and teeth cleaning

A wellness exam at our vet hospital isn't limited to lab results and vital sign numbers. We can also discuss with you about any changes you may have noticed in your pet's appetite, activity level, personality or mobility, addressing any questions or concerns and making helpful recommendations as needed. If we discover a health problem, we will review treatment options with you and administer the proper course of care to help your best friend overcome or manage this challenge. Even incurable chronic conditions can respond well to pain management medications, dietary changes, exercise and other options.

Our Veterinarians in Winnipeg Want to Keep Your Pet Well

If you want your pet to enjoy the best possible health at all times, start by scheduling that all-important wellness exam. Call 204-269-4451 for an appointment with our Winnipeg veterinarians!