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  • Senior pets often develop kidney failure, liver disease, thyroid disease, heart disease and tumours.
  • Early detection allows us to manage these diseases effectively and increase the quality and length of a pet’s life.
  • For each “dog/cat” year your pet ages, they age 3-4 “human” years.
  • We recommend two physical examinations annually, as well as annual blood, urine and stool testing.

First Visit

  • Annual Wellness Profile
  • Comprehensive Physical Examination & Veterinary Consultation
  • C.B.C. and Blood Chemistry
  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Urinalysis
  • Vaccinations to prevent contagious disease based on your pet’s lifestyle

Second Visit

  • Consultation with your veterinarian to view test results

Third Visit (6 months after 1st visit):

  • Comprehensive Physical Examination & Veterinary Consultation
  • Updated Wellness Profile
  • Blood Pressure Measurement