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When your pet comes in for his/her annual examination there is only so much we can see by examining your pet. By doing the annual early detection program we can see how you pets doing inside and out.

Why We Recommend Annual Testing

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

  • Blood panel provide a window into your pet’s body.
  • Many of the medical technologies that help humans live longer; healthier lives are now available for your pet.
  • We can establish baseline values for you pet’s organ functions.
  • In the future, as we continue to annual testing, we will be able to pick up slight changes in the values and treat or prevent disease before it becomes a problem.

Our Annual Early Detection Program Includes:

For Canines & Feline

  1. Annual comprehensive exam and consult
  2. Dental Assessment
  3. Nutritional and Behavioural Counseling
  4. Vaccinations to prevent contagious disease based on your pet’s lifestyle.
  5. Complete blood work for early detection of: Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Anemia, and Diabetes.