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Our Winnipeg Veterinarian Offers Pet Care Programs

The greatest gift you can give your pet is health and the best way to do this is through a preventive health program. In addition to dogs and cats, our veterinary services also include preventive care programs for birds. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, your number one veterinarian in Winnipeg, we specialize in keeping pets healthy through superlative care, annual examinations and regular vaccinations.

dog and cat sitting head to head in Winnipeg

Way to Grow Puppy Program

When puppies reach 8 weeks old, we put them on the road to building strong and healthy immature systems. Lasting until 16 weeks, it involves frequent exams, vaccinations, and parasite control. In more detail:

  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations serve to protect puppies from the hazards and potential heartbreak of diseases including rabies, distemper, parvovirus and bordatella. We administer these shots in series overall several visits so as not to overwhelm young immune systems.

  • Parasites: We automatically perform fecal tests for puppies enrolled in the Way to Grow program. Roundworms are common and the fecal test is the way to diagnose them.

Way to Grow Kitten Program

Similar to our puppy plan, the kitten program includes vaccinations and parasite controls designed to launch them into a lifetime of good health.

  • Vaccinations: Our kitten program includes the following vaccinations: rabies, distemper, leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus.

  • Parasites: As with puppies, we use the fecal test to determine if parasites are present. If the test is positive, our vet administers effective treatment.

Adult Annual Early Detection Program

This program for both adult cats and dogs is designed to form a baseline against which we identify future health problems before they become serious and require extensive and expensive treatment.  These services are included:

  1. Complete annual exam

  2. Dental assessment

  3. Nutritional and behavioral counseling

  4. Protective vaccinations

  5. Complete blood panel

  6. Urine analysis

  7. Discount on heartworm tests

Senior Canine Pet Health Care Program

As our beloved pets enter their golden years, they require specialized veterinary services including more frequent visits with our vet and testing for senior-age onset problems including kidney failure, liver disease, thyroid disease, heart disease, and tumours. By detecting these problems early, your pet has a better chance of successful treatment and full recovery.

Senior Feline Pet Health Care Program

The design of the senior program for cats is basically the same as for dogs, including 6-month examinations, testing for common senior health problems, and treatment when necessary.

Avian Annual Health Care Program

For our bird-loving owners, we also offer a health plan specifically designed for your pet. Since birds often hide their symptoms of health problems, they require more extensive testing during their annual exams. Some of the things we test for are:

  • Liver function

  • Immune system function

  • Blood sugar levels

  • Muscle strength

  • Parasites

  • Weight

The veterinary services we offer here at Best Friends Animal Hospital demonstrate our true commitment to giving your pet unsurpassed preventive care and treatment so both of you can enjoy and a long and loving relationship together.

We would love to hear from you, so please give us a call today at 204-269-4451.