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Veterinary Services at Best Friends Animal Hospital

If you're like most devoted pet owners, you want to find a veterinary clinic that knows how to look after all your beloved companion's medical needs for life. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in Winnipeg is committed to providing area pets with a wide range of veterinary services, including:

Wellness Exams - Regular wellness examinations can play a critical role in detecting any health problems as early as possible. In a typical pet exam, we will check your pet's vital signs, skin, eyes/ears, weight, and other indicators of health, while also performing dental evaluations and cleanings as needed.

Vaccinations - Vaccinations protect your pet against deadly diseases against which he has no natural immunity. Baby animals require a specific set of core vaccinations, which then need to be updated at various points to maintain their potency. We can advise you on which vaccinations your pet needs, and how often to schedule them.

Diagnostics and Lab Work - Our sophisticated diagnostic techniques and equipment help us determine exactly what is wrong with your pet as quickly as possible. We also perform a wide range of lab tests, from fecal testing to detect parasites to blood tests that can shed light on internal disorders.

Pet Surgery - Our Winnipeg veterinarian offers orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and other emergency procedures. We also provide spay and neuter surgery, which reduces the risk of reproductive cancers.

Laser Therapy - Low-level laser therapy can speed healing while relieving pain and inflammation, making it a great help for soft tissue injuries and orthopedic problems. The laser passes harmlessly through the skin to deliver concentrated cell stimulation.

Pain Management - If your pet has a chronic pain condition, our vet can help. We will evaluate your pet's condition in detail and prescribe the appropriate medications or other therapies (which might include surgery or laser therapy) to help your pet enjoy optimal quality of life.

Microchipping - This form of permanent pet identification is as easy as a single injection of a tiny microchip just beneath the skin. When this microchip is scanned by a radio-frequency scanner, your pet's identifying information can help a shelter trace his ownership back to you.

Behavioral Counseling - Odd behavioral changes such as toilet mishaps, aggression, and obsessive actions such as tail-chasing may have an underlying medical cause, or they may be rooted in lifestyle changes that are producing anxiety or depression. We can check your pet's health and counsel you on how to correct his behavior.

Nutritional Counseling - Improper diet and nutrition can cause obesity, which in turn is associated with host of serious health problems. Food allergies are another threat to your pet's health. Our vet can help you make the right dietary and feeding choices for your beloved companion.

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We invite you to learn more about our many veterinary services. Contact our veterinarian in Winnipeg for a consultation or pet exam!