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What to Expect At Our Animal Hospital in Winnipeg

When you visit our Winnipeg animal hospital for veterinary services, you have specific goals in mind for the health of your pets. At our clinic, we understand the importance of an accurate assessment of your pet, so we take measures to ensure that your dog, cat or other pets receive the care they need for long-term health and well-being.

Veterinarian and microscope.

Greetings and Paperwork

At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we believe that your pets are members of your family and we take their health seriously. On your first visit to our clinic, the friendly staff offers a greeting and welcomes you to our family. While you can expect a short wait, we offer a complimentary coffee bar and you can drink a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water in the waiting room.

You will usually see an assistant or a veterinary technician before you see a veterinarian. They identify your specific concerns and the reason for your visit before gathering details for paperwork. The paperwork includes basic details about your pet's health history and previous concerns. We may ask about vaccinations your pet has received or other medications they've taken. 

Discussing Concerns with Winnipeg Veterinarians

Winnipeg veterinarians see your pet after our friendly staff gathers the information we need about your pet's history. At our animal hospital, we take the time to find out the reasons for your visit and the potential problems that may impact your pet's health before we offer veterinary services. By understanding the symptoms, we have a better idea of what to look for when evaluating your pet's current health. 

We may use diagnostic tools, like an x-ray, to identify any ailments or injuries impacting your pet's health. During a routine annual exam, we may take blood samples and check your pet for any odd lumps, bumps or changes that may contribute to health concerns. Our evaluation depends on the situation and any behaviors you identify when discussing your concerns with a veterinarian.

Contact Our Winnipeg Veterinarian For Pet Care & Management

After an evaluation of your pet's health, our friendly staff provides the appropriate care your pet needs for long-term health. We may recommend dietary changes, increased exercise or similar adjustments to a pet's lifestyle to maintain a pet's health. We also suggest appropriate medications when we identify pests, parasites or other complications that may interfere with an animal's well-being. Our recommendations depend on the results of any tests or evaluations that allow a veterinarian to determine the cause of a pet's odd behavior. 

Generally, you want to visit our clinic regularly to keep your pet's health. Preventative care and early detection of health concerns allow your pet to remain healthy and active at every stage of life.

Your pet's health starts with regular check-ups and proper care. At our clinic, we offer friendly services with an understanding of the risks your pets may face at different stages of life. To learn more about our treatment process or for an appointment, contact us today at 204-269-4451.