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Best Friends Animal Hospital is proud to serve a variety of patients including:

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Our Patients

Our veterinarians have been treating various household pets since 2003, and we understand how important your pets are to you. That is why we offer veterinary care that is both loving and compassionate. We also specialize in treating exotic pets.

Pets Treated at our Animal Hospital

Here at Best Friends Animal Hospital, we offer exams and veterinary services to more than dogs and cats. We also perform examinations and diagnostic services for rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, and exotic pets such as birds and reptiles. We strive to help your beloved pets live long, happy and healthy lives.

Veterinary Services

We offer a variety of veterinary services for dogs, cats and caged animals. Annual exams and x-rays are available for all types of animals, including reptiles and birds.

  • Annual Exams and X-rays
  • Blood Testing
  • Microchipping
  • Nail trims
  • Pet Dental
  • Sexing
  • Vaccinations
  • Wing Trims

Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

We offer full service veterinary care for dogs, cats and ferrets, including annual exams, dental care, blood tests, vaccinations and nail trims. We also offer surgical procedures for dogs and cats, behavioral counselling, nutrition services, boarding and microchipping. By having your pet regularly examined and vaccinated is helping to prevent illness and will improve your pet’s quality of life.


If you own a rabbit, it is important to give him or her regular veterinary care as well. We offer full-service examinations, x-rays, dentistry, blood tests and nail trimming for rabbits. This helps ensure your pet rabbit’s health, wellness and happiness.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

Many pet owners erroneously believe that when a hamster or Guinea pig becomes sick, there is nothing that can be done. Our veterinarians have more than 20 years of combined experience in treating all pets, including small caged animals, hamsters and guinea pigs can benefit from regular veterinary care. We recommend annual exams and scheduling an appointment for an examination, x-rays and treatment if your small pet is in distress or appears ill. Unfortunately, blood tests are not available for hamsters or Guinea Pigs.

Exotic Pets


Veterinary care here at Best Friends Animal Hospital is not limited to dogs, cats and small furry animals. We can also treat all types of lizards. Pet lizards, iguanas and other reptiles can benefit from receiving regular exams, x-rays and medical intervention when they appear sick. Our animal hospital does not offer blood tests for reptiles.


We offer wing and nail trimming for birds as well as regular exams, preventative blood work and sexing. We can also give you tips on how to prevent boredom in your bird and finding the right sized cages.

If your pet’s behavior changes or you suspect your pet is sick, do not hesitate to bring them into our animal hospital. We are open Monday through Saturday with extended hours Wednesday and Thursday and short hours on Saturday. To schedule an examination with one of our veterinarians in Winnipeg, call our animal hospital office at 204-269-4451.