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Welcome to Best Friends Animal Hospital

Your Small Animal Veterinarian in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Call us at 204-269-4451

Welcome! Best Friends Animal Hospital offers a wide range of medical, surgical, preventative health, dental, behavioural and retail services for pet owners concerned with the health, safety and well-being of their animal companion. We are a compassionate health care team helping your furry, feathery or scaly companion live life to the fullest!

Take the Tour

Click here for a virtual tour of our facilities. If you like what you see, call today for an appointment, and join us in our effort to keep the animals of Winnipeg happy and healthy!

We Help Small Pets Stay Healthy

Best Friends Animal Hospital provides a wide range of services for small animals. Our typical patients include dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets. Best Friends Animal Hospital has a supportive health care team as well as a full staff of helpful, caring veterinarians, so we can meet your pet's specific needs.

Our Services

Your pet will have different health care needs throughout his or her lifetime. Starting with vaccines and behavioural training services, we offer everything from dental services, laser therapy and more.

  • Vaccines - To stay healthy, pets need a variety of vaccines throughout their lifetime. Vaccines are used to prevent many small pets from contracting illnesses like rabies, hepatitis, influenza, distemper and more. Some vaccines are administered only once, while other vaccines may be administered on a regular basis. Our experienced veterinarians will set up a vaccination schedule to meet your pet's needs.

  • Dental services - Animals with poor oral hygiene can develop painful conditions that reduce reduce quality of life. Our dental services can prevent these conditions, or treat conditions that your pet develops over time.

  • Laser therapy - This process is used to shorten healing times and manage pet pain after surgery. Laser therapy can also be used for a wide variety of medical conditions such as arthritis, wound healing and skin infections. Pets who receive laser therapy require fewer pharmacological interventions as they recover from surgery.

  • Surgery - Sometimes surgery is the only way to heal an animal who experiences an injury or debilitating illness. Our veterinary team conducts surgeries for pets in need, to return them to good health.

  • Nutritional counseling - Good nutrition prevents illness and helps to keep your pet at a healthy weight. Proper nutrition can also prevent your pet from experiencing some types of dental problems. Our nutrition counseling services will give you the guidance to feed your pet healthy foods.

  • Preventative services - Best Friends preventative services protects animals against heart worms, fleas, ticks and other parasites.

  • Pain management - Some pets require pain management for chronic conditions. Other pets require pain management while they recover from an injury or surgery. Best Friends Animal Hospital offers pain management services to fit your pet's needs during the healing process.

  • Pet memorial - It's hard to let go when a pet passes away. Best Friends Animal Hospital pet memorial services will help you remember and honor your pet.

Best Friends welcomes new patients every day, so contact us for an introductory appointment. We're looking forward to discussing the future of your pet's health. We'll make recommendations that can improve your pet's quality of life.

New patients are always welcome. We love to hear the pitter patter of new patients' paws!

If your pet has an emergency after hours call Southglen Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Mairead Drain | Dr. Manjit Sra | Dr. Jill Tait